What to know before moving to Slovenia2 min read

Here you can find some useful information before moving to Slovenia. What to know before moving to Slovenia:

The Republic of Slovenia – Government information for foreigners

Expat life in Slovenia has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience

This ex-pat forum is the perfect place for ex-pats living in Slovenia and people considering a move to Slovenia.

What to know before moving to Slovenia

Information for Russian citizens. The easiest way to move to Slovenia is to become a business immigrant.

They provide services of business immigration in Slovenia and obtaining a single work and residence permit on the basis of the company’s registration and employment in their own company. They also issue a single work and residence permit for your family members on the basis of family reunification, education, or employment.

Moving to Slovenia can be a great experience for you and your family if you learn more about it and plan your life well in this country.

This guide sets out essential information for British nationals residing in Slovenia, including advice on health, education, benefits, residence requirements, and more

What to know before moving to Slovenia

Your Europe Advice is part of a set of information and advice tools for citizens and businesses about their EU rights. The starting point is the Your Europe website designed to give you information about your rights across Europe. It offers practical advice and useful tips on issues such as living, studying, working, shopping, traveling – or, as a company, doing business – within the EU. It is the main source of information on these subjects.

Before starting a business in Slovenia you have to consider what tax rates are and which taxes in Slovenia have to be paid according to Slovenian legislation. Business Taxes in Slovenia are considered Value Added Tax (VAT) and Corporate Income Tax, while each individual has to pay also personal income tax.

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