The First People of the Alps1 min read

Did you know that area of Slovenia has always been interesting as a region to live in? Especially in the alps, the found artifacts proved that people inhabited this high-altitude region of the Alps already some 3500 years ago. The First People of the Alps.

Photo: website Žičnice Vogel Bohinj/

The Vogel Plateau, high above Lake Bohinj, is a popular tourist destination. But did you know, that it be one of the most interesting archeological sites in Slovenia? The artifacts discovered there to provide valuable insight into how people once lived high in the mountains.
The story began when two amateur archeologists, Janez Bizjak and Miran Bremšak, found several Iron Age objects next to a ski slope.

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Peaceful Bohinj is a valley known for its largest glacier lake in Slovenia, waterfalls and gorges, typical Alpine villages in the heart of the Julian Alps. Being part of Triglav National Park provides a paradise vacation and living in intact nature. More about Bohinj


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