Sustainable tourism in Slovenia1 min read

Sustainable tourism is more than environmentally friendly

Sustainable tourism is, according to the definition of the World Tourism Organization, responsible tourism. It is one that respects the needs of the environment as well as the people who live there, as well as the local economy and visitors. Sustainable tourism in Slovenia

Sustainable management and care for the natural environment is also the basic direction of Slovenian tourism and the only way forward. Slovenia embarked on this path years ago when it signed the Declaration on Partnership for Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism.

Sustainable development is no longer just a fashion trend, but a way of life and a necessity in the development of tourism. Sustainability is therefore embedded in all planned measures and activities, both at the state level and at the destination level.

Green scheme and environmental signs in tourism

Slovenia has been establishing itself as Green, Active and Healthy for several years. It is a slogan that reflects the sustainable orientation of Slovenian tourism. Under the Slovenia Green brand, a Green Scheme has been established in Slovenian tourism, which promotes sustainable operation, combines sustainable efforts, and promotes green stories of Slovenian tourism.

Tourism providers can access the green scheme on the basis of one of the internationally recognized environmental labels already obtained. Their introduction is co-financed on the basis of an annual public tender. In this way, the aim is to encourage companies and individuals, ie all those working in the field of tourism, to introduce environmental or ecological standards in tourist accommodation facilities and to encourage the acquisition of an internationally recognized environmental label.

Providers of sustainable tourism in Slovenia