Some Facts About the Slovene Language

If you are already living in Slovenia or if you want to move to Slovenia, it is good to know some basics of the Slovenian language. Some Facts About the Slovene Language.

If you want to learn it properly then it is very difficult. Probably because it is very special. The Slovenian language was the first written Slavic language and is considered to be one of the most archaic languages in Europe. Continue reading “Some Facts About the Slovene Language”

Ras-le-bol d’être entre quatre murs

Changer de vie après le dé confinement. La crise actuelle pousse certains à envisager différemment l’avenir.
De plus en plus nombreux lassés des grandes villes, émigrent à la campagne. Un exode urbain qui n’est pas uniquement synonyme de retour à la terre. Le confinement et le télétravail rebattent les cartes et les envies. Ras-le-bol d’être entre quatre murs Continue reading “Ras-le-bol d’être entre quatre murs”

Quality of Life Index in Slovenia

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Slovenia is a safe, hospitable, picturesque country with a variety of landscapes. This makes the country a land of countless tourist attractions and a perfect place for lovers of sports and outdoor recreation. Quality of Life Index in Slovenia Continue reading “Quality of Life Index in Slovenia”