Sustainable tourism in Slovenia

Sustainable tourism is more than environmentally friendly

Sustainable tourism is, according to the definition of the World Tourism Organization, responsible tourism. It is one that respects the needs of the environment as well as the people who live there, as well as the local economy and visitors. Sustainable tourism in Slovenia Continue reading “Sustainable tourism in Slovenia”

British International School of Ljubljana

British International School of Ljubljana

The British International School of Ljubljana is an outstanding school, offering a traditional British education in the beautiful Slovenian capital, with a personalized approach to learning which enables each child to achieve beyond their perceived potential. Our ethos is to instill a passion for learning amongst our young learners within this uniquely international setting. Continue reading “British International School of Ljubljana”

How difficult is the property purchase process in Slovenia?

Since Slovenia entered in EU in 2004, EU citizens may buy properties or real estate in Slovenia without restrictions. However, there are special procedures pertaining to the acquisition of agricultural land applicable to all foreign nationals. How difficult is the property purchase process in Slovenia? Continue reading “How difficult is the property purchase process in Slovenia?”

User-friendly guide to Covid-19 travel

User friendly guide

Enter, a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to Covid-19 travel restrictions worldwide—to the rescue. The concept is simple: click on the homepage, just input your nationality/residency, departure country, destination, and vaccination status in the search bar, and voilà—your proposed destination appears, coded with one of three traffic lights (green: open; orange: open with restrictions; and red: closed) and accompanied by a slew of helpful information including applicable travel advisories, local COVID-19 statistics, internal travel restrictions, etc. All data sources are also included. Continue reading “User-friendly guide to Covid-19 travel”