Blooming daffodils Jesenice1 min read

Blooming daffodils Jesenice
On weekends to Planina pod Golico and Pristava with free bus transport
Blooming daffodils, which adorn Golica in May, will attract many visitors this year as well.

Blooming daffodils Jesenice
In order to calm traffic and more environmentally friendly visits to nature, a free bus line will be established on three weekends in May (8th and 9th, 15th and 16th and 22nd and 23rd May 2021) on the routes Jesenice-Planina pod Golica and Jesenice – Javorniški Rovt (Pristava).

Blooming daffodils Jesenice

In May, during the expected largest visit of daffodil admirers, a free bus line will be established for visitors to Planina pod Golico and Javorniški Rovt on the routes Jesenice – Planina pod Golico and Jesenice – Javorniški Rovt (Pristava). The bus with a congested timetable will stop at all public passenger transport stops on its route.

 Timetable of buses 

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