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Hello, my name is Anna and I’m the blogger behind Anna in Slovenia. Via my blog, I encourage readers to learn Slovene and discover Slovenia with me. I officially moved from Canada to Slovenia in 2015, and I‘m going to share my personal experiences with you. 


Before moving to Slovenia, I was already in a long-distance relationship (with my now husband) for a few years. During that period, I have visited Slovenia a few times and absolutely loved it – mainly because we were together and we were traveling around.

Ultimately, to test if a long-distance relationship can last, you have to be together. In 2013, I decided to come to Slovenia. The easiest way for me to get a temporary residency visa was to apply for a student visa – and study Slovene. The procedure went smoothly and the Embassy was really helpful. Soon, I was on my way to Slovenia. Upon arrival, I already had accommodation (which is my husband’s family farm) and someone to rely on – which is undoubtedly helpful.

Of course, visiting a country and living in it are two different things – but for me, it was a good choice. In Canada, I used to live in a big city, which has its own advantages, but there’s a lot of noise and stress. In Slovenia, I live on a quiet farm, surrounded by nature – it’s safe and peaceful. Although, a major shock to me was all the daily works on a farm. In Canada, I barely even stepped into my garden, and now I have to work on many hills and fields! I call it sweet karma, but all the hard work is worth it – I believe that it helps maintain the beauty of Slovenia.


Another thing is the language. My in-laws, like many Slovenians, don’t speak fluent English. So it was obvious that I had to learn Slovene. It was not easy at first. Official courses and my mother-in-law, who is top-notch with Slovene grammar, helped a lot! That’s also one of the reasons why I started to write my blog about Slovene: to share my understanding of the language, as a non-native learner to other non-native learners.

After my first student visa, I applied for an extension and enrolled in my second Slovene course. Afterward, he proposed and we got married. The procedure went smoothly. Since I was already living in Slovenia with a temporary residency for a period of two years, I directly applied for a permanent residency – which got approved in a few weeks.


I love Slovenia, and it is my home now. Of course, I miss my family and friends in Canada but with the Internet, it is easy to keep in touch! Other little things that I had to learn living with are no microwave, firewood for cooking and heating, farm animals, warmer winters, narrow roads, no street lights, and lots of roundabouts.

If you plan to move to Slovenia, my best advice to you is: keep an open mind. Remember that it should be you who adapts to Slovenia and not Slovenia that adapts to you (make sense?). So learn Slovene, blend in with locals, and good success!

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  1. That was a very courageous step ….me also the same situation lived in slovenia with my slovenian wife, but I decided to go to Dubai for work ( I’m a Dermatologist and I had to learn a new language and pass many exams)

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